Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is the perfect choice for a long lasting low maintenance home exterior. It comes in many varieties that very closely resemble wood and a variety of colors to customize your home to suit you.

Most vinyl siding installations are accompanied with the installation of aluminum trim around windows and doors as well as over existing rake and fascia boards. This is done to cover any existing wood trim that may peel and become unsightly without maintenance. Aluminum trim provides for a clean look and the paint does not peel. Vinyl siding and aluminum trim free up your time and money that would normally be wasted having to paint a wood exterior every few years. Spend that time enjoying your home rather than working on it.

Components of A Vinyl Siding Installation

House Wrap

This acts as a moisture barrier to prevent water from coming in contact with the wood sheathing of your exterior walls while still allowing the home to breathe.

Insulation Board

This is used for a few reasons depending on the installation. Its inherent properties are that it provides a small amount of insulation value to the home and also acts as a vapor barrier. It is also used as a means of smoothing the work surface, especially when going over existing siding, to provide a flatter surface to apply new vinyl siding to.

Corner Trim

Corner trim comes in a few varieties such as the standard 3″ wide in either a color to match the siding or a contrasting color. Wider 6″ corners are also available with groves called “flutes” for aesthetic appeal.

Standard Corner Trim

Fluted Corner Trim

Aluminum Trim

Aluminum trim is used around windows and doors as well as rake and fascia boards. It comes in a variety of colors with white being the standard. This is used to cover wood trim for a maintenance free result (no peeling paint), although it could use periodic washing like anything else.
Aluminum Window Trim

Aluminum Fascia Trim


Vinyl soffit material is used to cover the underside of eaves. It comes vented with holes or solid. Non vented and beaded soffit is sometimes used on the ceilings of farmers porches.


Vinyl siding comes in many different styles and colors. The standard and best value is the clapboard style. The cedar look vinyl is more detailed and more closely resembles wood, yet comes at a higher cost.
Traditional Vinyl Clapboard

Scalloped Vinyl

Hand Split Cedar Shake Look

Dutch Lap Vinyl

Cedar Look Vinyl

Vinyl siding installation procedures and components can vary based on the age and existing siding on your home. Your old siding can be removed or in some cases we can go over it. On average it takes about a week to install vinyl siding and aluminum trim from start to finish. We provide all the materials agreed upon in the contract and dispose of all the construction debris, leaving your home just as clean, but even prettier than it was before we started.

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We can install any brand you would like, but here are some popular vinyl siding brands we use:

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