My name is Carl Capelo and I am the founder of Affordable, LLC. Being a general contractor for many years on my own projects, there were too many times that I experienced frustration and disappointment when working with other contractors. The root of the problem was the difficulty of finding contractors who possessed and valued the qualities of honesty and integrity. There were companies who gave crazy prices for jobs, excuses about why people did not show up when they were supposed to, and those who tried to charge more money than what we initially agreed on once the job was finished. 

Then there was the integrity aspect. Many of the companies I worked with did not do the right thing when they thought no one was looking. Too many people tried to take short cuts in workmanship and even tried to use materials that were inferior to those agreed upon, hoping nobody would notice. Being a contractor myself, these things did not go unnoticed. Unfortunately though, to the consumer without experience in the field, these things do go unnoticed until a time down the road when there is a problem. At this point, the contractor is paid and does not even take your calls.

Affordable, LLC was founded partly because of the problems I experienced within the construction industry. My goal was to create a construction business that is different because it is honest with its customers all of the time- a company that will not sacrifice its reputation by trying to mislead customers in order to make a profit.

The mission of Affordable, LLC is to treat my customers in a manner in which I would want to be treated if I were in their shoes. I believe that all customers should be treated honestly and fairly. Not everyone is a construction professional and knows the proper way to get the job done, but they should not be taken advantage of because of that. You can rest assured that you are dealing with an honest and professional business whose priorities are customer satisfaction first and the bottom line second. After all, there is no bottom line without satisfied customers.

Carl Capelo

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